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Travel tips

  • Be absolutely clear about your visa requirements before you arrive in Bangladesh
  • Make sure vaccinations are up to date
  • While in Bangladesh, drink water from reliable sources. Bottled water sourced from tubewells is almost always available. Do not drink from the tap
  • Keep your hands clean, and you will be fine
  • For extreme emergencies, good-quality hospitals are available in Dhaka
  • ATMS are available in cities, but none in rural areas
  • Money-changing is easy in cities, but not at all in rural areas



  • Use Dhaka as a base for travel around the region. You can easily fly to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and China
  • Consider purchasing a SIM card while in Bangladesh. You can buy them at the airport. They cost only a few hundred taka (a few dollars). You will need a passport and two passport photos
  • In the months of November to February, bring warm clothes, as evenings can be cool. Warm clothes can easily be purchased in cities


What to bring

  • Warm clothes if travelling to Bangladesh in the months of November to February. If you are staying in Dhaka or another city, you can also purchase them here
  • Your favourite mosquito repellent, hand sanitizers, and sunscreen. Also available in Dhaka



Apply for visas from your home country. If you hold an EU, US, or Japan passport, you may be able to get a visa upon arrival.

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By air

Dhaka is becoming a busier travel by the day, and many saroten of the main airline carriers pass through here.

Travellers vytorin cost without insurance from Europe and the United States are often given long-term, multiple-entry visas to Bangladesh, which enables them to use Dhaka as a base for travelling around the region.

If you are visiting India, Myanmar, or Nepal, consider a stop-over Cheap in Bangladesh.


By land

You can enjoy wonderful countryside bus or train journeys from India into Bangladesh in the west or the northeast. Kolkata, for instance, is only two Pills hours from the western border. Just make sure your visa covers your re-entry.

Travelling by car can be somewhat bureaucratic, so Cheap do check with your embassy for details. Bikes are OK.


By sea

Not currently Order an option.

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